Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Twenty years ago, the popular news was published by CBS, NBC, ABC, and a handful of national newspapers.Then, in 1980, Ted Turner created Cable Network News (CNN), the first time the hourly news was delivered. Instead of daily Since then, there have been other cable news powerhouses, including Fox News and MSNBC.These organizations have dominated the airline cable news. However, nowadays and even more powerful medium to deliver news: the Internet.

The internet has many advantages. It happened immediately With an unlimited number of citizen journalists, it eventually spread across all cultures. The news cycle formed by cable news outlets 24/7 demanding inexhaustible news sources regardless of quality or greed.

Since then, our consumption of news has become an addiction. Internet news sites have truly broken the old, up-and-coming news format. In today’s journalism environment, it is often in trouble due to the strict need to publish pre-race stories. The news that happened an hour ago is sometimes old. Rarely, stories are up to date in more than 24 hours, when they are, stories that are rated by news site traffic rather than ones affecting your daily life.

If news organizations survive, they must continually publish new stories. With the Internet able to respond to all forms of news immediately and with a wide distribution channel for the general public, the Internet is truly news driven.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the speed hasn’t slowed, but it’s increasing.Now we have big social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook that can easily reach millions of readers in seconds. These sites can push their news stories into national or international prominence in minutes. In our history, there were no 140 characters that could make or break a nation’s fortunes. Now they can

Take a look at the latest events around the Arab Spring. Thousands of average people report on events that took place within their borders. Most news dissemination is done through messaging and social networks. The protests are actually coordinated and reported through the use of these networks. Indigenous governments found themselves powerless. We are now seeing how the government reacts.

The recent closure of the San Francisco cell tower site to halt planned protests bodes a hint of what we can expect to see more as internet news generation increases.