Saturday, May 8, 2021

วิวัฒนาการด้านการดูแลสุขภาพ – แนวโน้ม 10 ประการที่สามารถฟื้นฟูการพยาบาลได้


Nurses are at the forefront of an evolutionary wave in healthcare. Whether we are leaders or not will shape the future of nursing.

These 10 trends could revive nursing if nurses break free from the realm of medical styles and use their education and skills to become wave riders.

Older Boomers Live Longer The amount of life is the driving force for a better quality of life. This generation wants to learn how to keep their mobile essentials healthy and productive. They are looking for advice on promoting not only health and wellness. But the prevention and treatment of disease only

2. Boom No. 2
Boomers Grandchildren It is driving the need for family health information and support for new and working mothers. From giving birth to family health education and caring for sick children, the family system needs expert advice and constructive strategies to elevate bright and strong future generations.

3. An explosion of information
Access to the Internet provides a wealth of information on health consumers. But it is not knowledge or wisdom to know how to use it without confusion. They need a knowledgeable health professional, a porter, a trusted advisor, or a health system leader.

4. Holiness
People spend more money on optional and complementary health care. Nursing education focuses on a whole-person system, a life cycle perspective that can guide the selection of appropriate options along with continuing care.

5.Consumers drive health care
As consumers rely less on employer health coverage and spend more on personal health, they are looking for innovative and at-home solutions for care, including advanced home inspections, clinical counseling, and more. Phone, personal care and treatment

6. Hi-Tech – Hi-Touch
The need for personal connection, listening and empathy has never been higher. Nurses are consistently number one in consumer opinion polls for the most reliable professionals.

7.Shackages and cost retention
The lack of professionalism and the drive for cost has led to the urge to use middle and low-end providers for technical care. The nurses will still be driven from the bedside of the institution. With the declining number of people taking care of, one-on-one healthcare institutions are delivered to homes and communities.

8. Access to
health and care information is transmitted worldwide, mobile, remote, telephone and internet. Nursing phone lines are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

9. Back to basics
With a growing interest in information and coaching on diet and proper nutrition, supplements, stretching, meditation, simplicity, life balance, happiness in work and relationships, healthcare and Health coaching is a growing field.

10.Self care / self responsibility
People realize that doctors, drugs, and sickness care can’t cure them well. Third-party payers and common sense are pushing consumers to take care of their health with their own hands. This trend will drive the continued increase in self-care data and the decline in inpatient and long-term care.

The nurses of tomorrow are not working under the supervision of a doctor or in an institution. Nursing must think outside the box of institutional medical care.

Consumers are desperate to let registered nurses proactively fill the needs of their communities.
And home health care

Nurses of tomorrow will be an innovative community health leader that develops and delivers services that meet the changing needs of health consumers.

Progressive nurses come together as co-operatives and innovative health delivery systems that support families throughout their lives. They will continue to provide health and care information while encouraging people to navigate more sophisticated and sophisticated techno-medicine systems.