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Crucially in any business success story is an adequate networking plan that can help you launch your small business from the ground up.

It’s generally difficult for new businesses to get noticed, and even harder to find your first customers without success stories to back up their claims. Hence, your official marketing plan should showcase the right network mix. The right networking mix is ​​proactive in the sense that you take advantage of your business and personal connections to get you new customers. The whole concept of business networking involves relationship building and requires strategy and focus on networking for business growth.

Professional network service

With business networking, you will take the challenge of finding opportunities that you might not have previously discovered. You don’t want your business to fail due to your own ownership decision. In other words, for your organization to grow, you need to be prepared to work hard, make decisions, and spend your money on the gist. For example, you might consider using a few reputable networking organizations that have successfully modeled business networking activities. Some of the more interesting examples of professional networking services are LinkedIn, Viadeo, XING, and WiseStep.In fact, using these professional networking services can be most effective in terms of generating business opportunities rather than advertising or public relations

Online business networking can be a cost-effective way to launch your small business. More and more businesses are using online social networks as a means to expand, connect, and promote themselves and their businesses online. And with the expansion of its business globally, social networks have made it easier to connect with business contacts around the world.

Small business award

Additionally, one-to-one networking through referral business clubs has the potential for higher quality business relationships. Additionally, there are most awards given to local businesses across the country and around the world. These types of awards, such as but are not limited to small business awards, innovation awards, new business awards, local and entrepreneurial awards, are a great way to bring your business success to a community of potential entrepreneurs. A wide range of customers For example, for more than 50 years, National Small Business Week has been recognized for the outstanding achievements of small businesses in America for contributions to local communities and to the national economy.The National Small Business Week award categories include:

· Small Business Person of the Year Award

Small Business Export Award of the Year

Small Business Development Center Excellence and Innovation Award

· Center of Excellence for Veterans Business Service

· Women Business Center of Excellence Award

The US Chamber of Commerce also hosts the Dream Big Small Business of the Year Awards, sponsored by the Sam’s Club, other national small business awards where you can win national recognition cash and valuable networking opportunities. Including:

· SCORE Award

· American Business Awards

· Inc 500/5000 award

Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Women Award

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Trust

SVN Innovation Awards

Applying for these awards is extremely important when they have to be accepted. Research is important when trying to find the reward you are suitable for. Research ahead and building a list may be the best way to get as many rewards as possible. Although some awards have a fee Instead, enter either method, as the reward for your business will be huge. And when you earn any rewards, you’ll be rewarded on your website and social sites to show off your early success.